Organ Donation Consent Workshop at the Clinical Simulation Center

Contact Information

(608) 890-7603

The UW Organ and Tissue Donation (UW OTD) team created the Consent Workshop to improve organ donation rates and optimize the consent process. This unique learning opportunity was designed for hospital staff who regularly participate in consent conversations for donation.


About the Consent Workshop

  • The Golden Ticket is an invitation to the UW Organ and Tissue Donation consent workshop, which uses actors and OTD staff to recreate realistic consent situations.Actors portraying family members work with UW OTD staff and donor family members to guide participants through a simulated consent situation, and offer feedback to enhance their consent process.
  • UW OTD staff members work with attendees to create an action plan and strategies they can apply themselves and share with staff members at their hospitals.
  • Attendees are invited to shadow a UW OTD coordinator, either the day before or the day after the workshop.
  • Attendees receive at least six nursing contact hours for this free, full-day workshop.
  • The workshop is by invitation only. For sessions to work, everyone who registers must attend.
  • Location: Clinical Simulation Center at UW Hospital and Clinics

Attendee Feedback


Attendees rated the workshop highly valuable and said that it gave them a real setting in which to practice their skills.


In their words:

  • "I am now very confident…(in my approach skills)…and would complete an approach with no hesitation." –Julie
  • "This class was exceptional! It was very realistic, well organized and informative. I am anxious to tell my co-workers about the program." –Heather
  • "This workshop was an amazing tool and will help advance my practice in ways I can't express. Thank you for allowing me to attend and learn."-Curtis



Amanda Gilmeister, RN, an ICU nurse at Ministry St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield, says her hospital staff learned so much that they are now required to take this training. Dr. Deming, a palliative care physician at MCHS-Eau Claire, shares his thoughts about the importance of the consent workshop.