Connie's Story

The following tribute was written by Dave, Connie's husband.


UW Health Organ Procurement Organization donor tributes: Organ donor ConnieConnie passed away unexpectantly on November 7, 2012 at the age of 50, leaving an irretrievable hole in the hearts of those that loved her.


Connie was a very creative person. She liked to make her own Christmas cards, creating a unique design for each person on her list. She also loved to decorate the house for every holiday. Friends and family would call her the Martha Stewart of home décor.


She also enjoyed landscaping the yard. Every spring she would search for just the right flowers and plants to put on our numerous pots for the patio and the front porch, trying to get the right mix of colors. She was a big believer in curb appeal and when we had people over, she would want them to be in awe just walking up the sidewalk.


She was also a very adventurous person and loved to travel, whether it was snorkeling in the Caribbean or biking down a volcano in Hawaii, she was always open to new experiences.


Connie was a loving and giving person and will be greatly missed by her friends and family, but knowing that a small part of her survives through the organ donor program brings us all a great deal of comfort.