Chad's Story

Chad, organ donorChad was so loved by so many people. He had personality-plus!


Chad was 24 years and 10 months young when he left us. He loved movies, music, Chinese food, pizza, waterskiing, tubing, show cars and motorcycles. He was a joy to be around and always lit up a room when he walked in.


He was very outgoing, but had a shyness about him that everyone loved. He especially loved riding his red Suzuki GXR 750 and he died doing what he loved best in life.


I thank God everyday for the easy way he carried my son to Heaven, without cuts, broken bones or a scratch on him. We are so thankful that we got to spend 22 glorious days together in the Caribbean Islands on a cruise just a few weeks before he was taken from us. It was my last Mother's Day together with my son. The video memories he left us were a gift from him to remember all the good times we shared throughout his so-short life.


He had so many friends, and was a supervisor at Selectron. There were over 400 people at his service and there are less than 30 people in our family. He would have been proud to know so many people thought the world of him.


Chad was LOVED by so many. His death has changed a lot of lives. His friends and family visit his cross rock garden all the time, and his mausoleum.


Only God knows why He needed my son so soon in life. Chad will never be forgotten.