Celebrating 50 Years of Hope and Gratitude

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50 years of medical advancement. 50 years of redefining patient care. 50 years of sharing hope and gratitude.


As we start 2016, we pause to congratulate the physicians and staff of the UW Health Transplant Program and UW Organ and Tissue Donation, who, for the past half century, combined their expertise with the generosity of organ donors and the courage of transplant patients to create one of the largest and most successful transplant programs in the nation.


Led by some of the world’s foremost transplant physicians and surgeons, with expertise from the nation’s best clinicians and staff, they’ve performed more than 13,000 transplants and have garnered national and international recognition in organ preservation, transplant surgery, and patient care.


Hope, Meet Gratitude is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UW Health Transplant Program and UW Organ and Tissue DonationOur 50th anniversary logo includes three stars to recognize patients, donors and all who support donation and transplantation. We are embracing our campaign theme: Hope, meet Gratitude, as the perfect way to share stories from our history, and plans for our future.


This year, as always, we thank all who are hope: deceased and living donors, their families, volunteers and all who support and create new opportunities to save more lives through organ and tissue donation. We recognize the courage of recipients, who go forward in gratitude, knowing they have received the ultimate gift, that of a new, healthier and happier life.


We are proud to be part of this team of courageous researchers who are always looking for newer, better ways to care for patients, and we recognize all of you who contribute in your own special way. You are a very important part of our past, present and future.


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Please visit our anniversary website Hope, meet Gratitude to see:

  • How we kicked off our anniversary year at the Living Donor Medal Ceremony
  • Our Hope, meet Gratitude video
  • Our plans for 2016, including two big events on July 29-30
  • A "Mad Libs"-style, fun way to share your own story of Hope or Gratitude