Brian's Story

BrianDave and Nancy had been told repeatedly what a born leader and role model their son Brian (pictured) was. Many of his friends say they are a better person for having known him. At his funeral, they distributed little signs made in his honor imprinted with the message: "We were but stones, your light made us stars."
Brian was just 23 years old when he was killed in a car accident. His death was devastating for all of his family and friends.
"While we waited in the hospital for the tests which led to him being declared 'brain dead,' we discussed donating his organs," shares Nancy. "The decision to donate Brian's organs was very easy. We knew without a doubt that he would have agreed with our decision."
Brian was born in 1980, the son of David and Nancy. His brother, Trevor was born in 1984. While in high school, Brian lettered in academics, music, and sports; and was a member of the National Honor Society and a representative to Badger Boys State. He graduated from high school with high honors. He attended UW Madison, earning a bachelor's degree in Spanish and a minor in math.
"As we look back on what has been the most difficult period of our lives, the only positive thing about the entire experience is the fact that we chose to donate his organs," adds Nancy.