What To Do With Used Glasses and Contacts

UW Health Optical Shop

Donate Your Used Glasses


Ever wondered what to do with your old glasses? Do I keep them? Do I toss them? I already have 4 pairs in the drawer!!! Why not donate them?  Although we recommend keeping a recent pair as a good backup option, all five of our optical locations take donations of unused glasses. The glasses that are donated are put to good use. We use many of the glasses donated on mission trips to other countries to help individuals who need glasses without the means to obtain them. We also work with a local organization who provide corrective lenses to millions in low- and middle-income countries that lack access to basis eye care.


Recycle Your Used Contacts


All five UW Health Optical locations are proud to be part of a contact lens recycling program.


In recent years researchers recently have found that 20% of contact wearers throw them down the drain or flush them, creating lots of waste. Researchers have realized that the normal water purification processes are not eliminating contacts particles from the water and thus they are ending up in our foods and polluting our rivers and lakes.


To fight back for our environment, UW Health Optical locations are collecting and recycling used contacts and the blister packs that they come in. Bring in your used contact lens products to us to recycle for a better tomorrow!