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At UW Health, your eye health care team isn’t limited to your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Our board-certified Opticians work with your doctors to ensure you achieve the best possible vision with your new eyewear.


UW Health Optical ShopsA Certified Optician is an eyecare expert that specializes in the fitting, adjusting, and dispensing of prescription eyeglasses and other visual aids. The Certified Optician also specializes in training new patients in the wearing of contact lenses.


Working as a team with the Optometrist and Ophthalmologist, the Certified Optician will analyze your prescription and educate you on the best lens options that affect the way you see. They look at the size and shape of the lens, pupil and focal measurements, fitting heights for both single vision and multifocal lenses, lens materials, and more; while making sure that the frames look the best and makes you feel good about your purchase.


You likely wear glasses or contacts every day. Don’t leave such an important part of your eye health and personal style to a sales associate or online checklist. The experts at UW Health Optical will help you live your best life by ensuring you don’t miss any of the details… in style!