UW Health faculty and staff can place their names on the Do Not Contact list to serve as notice to all vendor representatives that they do not wish to be contacted by phone, fax or e-mail. The following individuals have elected to include their names on the list.

Vendor representatives are expected to monitor this list carefully before contacting UW Health faculty or staff members without being contacted by them first. It is the representative's responsibility to NOT contact individuals whose names appear on this list. Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary actions as outlined in UW Health Policy 11.19.
Contact Information
(608) 890-8505
(608) 890-8507 (fax)

600 Highland Ave.
Rm: G5/146
Mailcode: 1639
Madison, WI 53792-1639

M-T, 8am-4:30pm
F, 8am-2:30pm

Last Name First Name Department
Ahrens Sarah Medicine
Ahrens Sarah Radiology
Anderson Mark Medicine
Atluru Sreevalli Medicine
Barbouche Ellen Medicine
Belcher Chanda UW Health Manager or Staff
Berlin Amy UW Health Manager or Staff
Bodapati Venkata Naga Rohan Chandra Kashyap Medicine
Bonk Nicole Family Medicine
Brazelton Thomas Pediatrics
Buchanan Joel Medicine
Campbell Bethaney UWHC Manager or Staff
Caponi Bartho Medicine
Cullen Jennie UWHC Manager or Staff
Cynkar Paula Medicine
Cynkar Paula Medicine
Endres Nola Other
Fagan Julie Medicine
Faucher Lee Surgery
Fischer Chessa Hematology/Oncology/Palliative Care
Fleming John Neurology
Furstenberg-Knauff Meghan Neurology
Galbraith Roylene UW Health Manager or Staff
Gill Peter Medicine
Golden Blair Medicine
Goplen Amanda Family Medicine
Gratz Megan Medicine
Greenwood Gina Radiology
Hager David Pharmacy
Haun Nicholas Medicine
Haun Nicholas Medicine
Heatley Diane Pediatrics
Hendricks Jennifer UW Health Manager or Staff
Hendrickson Natalia Surgery
Hohlbein Melinda UW Health Manager or Staff
Hohlbein Melinda UW Health Manager or staff
Holt Joseph Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine
Houser Laura Pediatrics
Hoyer Rhonda UW Health Manager or Staff
Ikonomidou Hrissanthi Neurology
Iwanski Anita UWHC Manager or Staff
Jacoby William Medicine
Jacoby William Medicine
Jensen Matt Neurology
Kaiksaw Farrah Medicine
Kaiksow Farah Medicine
Kelley Jackie Obstetrics
Kenik Jordan Medicine
Kenik Jordan Medicine
Kile Brittney UW Health Manager or Staff
Kim Theodore Medicine
Klinker Gwen Nursing
Klosterman Maureen UWHC Manager or Staff
Lainhart Janet Psychiatry
Lalik Ed Medicine
LaRocque Andrew Medicine
LaRocque Andrew Medical Administration
Law Alessandra UW Health Manager or Staff
Lex Amber Obstetrics and Gynecology
LoConte Noelle Medicine
MacAllister Rebecca Medicine
Mack Tiffany Medicine
Malphy Michele Neurology
Maynard Molly UW Health Manager or Staff
McBride Patrick Medicine
McClain Jody UW Health Manager or Staff
McComb Kathryn UW Health Manager or Director
Mead Scott Medicine
Meiners Joan UW Health Manager
Mihm Amy UW Health Manager or Staff
Morris Nathan Web Systems
Murphy Michele Neurology
Murray-Bainer Samantha Medicine
Nancy Ninman Neurology
Nowakowski Kandace UW Health Manager or Staff
O’Neill Sean Medicine
Palmer Krystle UW Health Manager or Staff
Palmer Krystle IS
Passini Jennifer Medicine
Peebles Jacqueline Obstetrics and Gynecology
Perkovich Matthew Medicine
Peroutka Brian UW Health Manager or Staff
Petersen Jared Medicine
Phillips Michael Medicine
Pollock Allison Pediatrics
Raasch Debra Surgery
Rehm Jen Pediatrics
Rentmeester Mary Alice UW Health Manager or Staff
Robbins Jessica Radiology
Sanger Cristina Surgery
Sattin Justin Neurology
Saviello George Anesthesia
Seeger Susan Neurology
Seffrood Erin Clinical Nutrition
Sheehy Ann Medicine
Snyder Trenton Medicine
Springman Scott Anesthesiology
Staudt Emily Surgery
Steensland Shannon UW Health Manager or Staff
Stein James Medicine
Sterken David Internal Medicine
Sterken David Medicine
Strelow Lori UW Health Manager or Staff
Stubbe Jackie DHC Clinic Manager
Suer Michael Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Tao Ran Medicine
Thertus Ketty Psychiatry
Thoma Michelle Pharmacy
Traino Kristen UW Health Manager or Staff
Trapskin Philip Pharmacy
Uboha Nataliya Medicine
Wait Nathan Orthopedics
Weitzel Caitlin Medicine
Wick Alexandra Medicine
Will Tyler Medicine
Williams Brian Pediatrics
Williams Emma Medicine
Williams John Medicine
Wilson Jennifer Surgery
Wolfe Katrina Medicine
Yang David Pathology
Young Jessica Medicine

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