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Pilates is well known for improving core strength, flexibility and awareness of posture. Performing Pilates as part of your exercise program can help you develop more efficient and graceful movement.


This mat-based class will introduce the fundamental movements of Pilates including exercises such as the Hundred, Single Leg Circles, Double Leg Stretch and Rolling like a Ball.  The instructor will help you find and strengthen your abdominal and postural muscles without creating unwanted tension in the neck and jaw muscles. Pilates exercises will be taught in a progressive nature to allow students to challenge themselves while adapting to the individual needs of their body. 


Progressive Class:  Since this class requires learning, mastering and building upon basic skills, joining it after the second week of class isn't permitted unless the participant has previous experience taking this or a very similar class. Please give us a call if you have questions about joining this class in progress and/or your personal experiences.


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