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This class is only for participants who are in grades 6-8.


The class is designed to help middle schoolers (those entering grades 6-8) see their lives with greater clarity, creativity, kindness and compassion. It is intended for those who are interested in learning Mindfulness meditation and are willing to explore and practice it. Please note this is not a therapy group. Participation requires the ability to manage group settings and peer interactions.


Using Mindfulness techniques, participants will practice being aware of their body, emotions and thoughts with a friendly, accepting attention that supports wise responses in daily living.


In this course you will:

  • Learn skills to help you understand and manage stress in a fun and supportive group environment.
  • Try new things like meditation, which is not "emptying your mind" but learning to pay attention and relate more skillfully to what's going on right now in your mind and body.
  • Talk about how to let go of self-criticism and judgment, and how to be with emotional and physical pain without adding to it.
  • Have the opportunity to think about the real pressures you face daily, and how Mindfulness practices can help you not just manage stress but experience more moments of calm and happiness. 


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