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People come to yoga for many reasons. Their doctor suggests it, they are feeling stiff, it helped their friend's back pain or are seeking a way to decrease stress.   Picking the right yoga class for your body can be confusing and it can be challenging to feel safe in a big class.


This workshop is designed to give you a safe place to explore poses and ask questions, whether you are new to yoga, or have experienced yoga and are looking for  more information and guidance. 


This 4 week series will combine educational discussions with instructions and practice of key poses to help you: 

  • Perform key yoga poses with appropriate alignment
  • Understand how to modify  poses to decrease injury risk and be comfortable working at your own level upon entering a group class
  • Understand basic anatomy to achieve appropriate alignment
  • Learn names of key yoga poses to make it easier to follow along in class
  • Feel confident and safe when trying a beginning level group yoga class


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