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Protocol No. S1613

Phase II

Age Group Adult

Scope National

Sponsor Type National

Title A Randomized Phase II Study of Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab (TP) Compared to Cetuximab and Irinotecan (CETIRI) in Advanced/Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (MCRC) with HER-2 Amplification

Applicable Disease Sites Colon and Rectum

Drugs Involved Cetuximab; HER2/NEU (trastuzumab); anti-EG Fr antibody c225 (Cetuximab); anti-epidermal growth factor receptor antibody c225 (Cetuximab); anti-pi85 her2 monoclonal antibody (trastuzumab); c225 (Cetuximab); camptosar (irinotecan); cpt-11 (irinotecan); herceptin (trastuzumab); irinotecan; irinotecan hydrochloride (irinotecan); pertuzumab; rhuMAb HER2 (trastuzumab); rhuMab2C4 (pertuzumab); trastuzumab

Status Open (affiliates only)

Participating Institutions Mercy Health Systems, Janesville