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Protocol No. ANBL00B1

Principal Investigator DeSantes, Kenneth

Phase N/A

Age Group Both

Scope National

Sponsor Type National

Title Neuroblastoma Biology Studies

Objective There are three reasons for doing this study:
  1. to perform the three standard tests described below at a laboratory that specializes in neuroblastoma.
  2. to perform additional genetic tests which may lead to finding more factors that will help doctors determine the best treatment for children with neuroblastoma.
  3. to have a place where neuroblastoma cells can be stored for future research.

Description Your child is invited to take part in this study because he/she may have neuroblastoma. While the diagnosis is being confirmed, we would like to collect samples of the tumor, blood and/or bone marrow to learn more about neuroblastoma. We are asking your permission to use some of the tumor tissue that is not needed for diagnosis for some specialized laboratory tests. These studies will only be done if the diagnosis of neuroblastoma is confirmed. If your child does not have neuroblastoma, these studies will not be performed. If your child does indeed have neuroblastoma, tests will be done to determine the amount of DNA (genetic material) in the tumor cells, as well as whether multiple copies of a gene called "MYCN" are present in the tumor cells. Other studies will be done to look for changes in chromosomes 1 and 11 in cells from the tumor. The results of these tests may be used by your child's doctor to find the best therapy for your child and will be part of your child's medical record. For this reason, you will be able to find out the results of these tests from your child's doctor. Other tests will be done on the tumor tissue for research purposes only. Click here for more info,/a>

Key Eligibility
  • Newly diagnosed patients with suspected neuroblastoma, suspected ganglioneuroblastoma, or suspected ganglioneuroma/maturing subtype

  • Applicable Disease Sites Neuroblastoma

    Status Open

    Participating Institutions Gundersen Health System; UW Hospital and Clinics