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Bill Pay: Patient Information

Our Bill Pay tool allows you to submit payments for your bills in the most efficient and safe manner possible - online with your credit card.

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For UW Hospital and Clinics statements, the account number begins with the letter A (A-12345).

For UW Medical Foundation statements (UW Health Physicians), the account number may begin with the letters P, D, G, M, S, or T (P-12345).

You must enter your account number prior to entering the Amount To Pay value that you want to apply to that account. View the images below for the location of account numbers on your statement. If you would like to remit payments on multiple accounts with a single credit card transaction, please use the ADD A ROW button to add additional account numbers and corresponding payment amounts below.

UW Hospital and Clinics
Billing Statement,
Pre-August 2017
UW Health Physicians
Billing Statement,
Pre-August 2017
UW Health
Billing Statement,
Post-August 2017

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For general inquires about UW Health's billing process, please visit our billing and insurance frequently asked questions section. If you would like to speak to a patient account representative, please call (608) 829-5217 or toll-free (866) 565-0505.

View a sample UW Health bill (post-August 2017)

View a sample UW Hospital and Clinics bill (pre-August 2017)

View a sample UW Health Physicians bill (pre-August 2017)

The call center accepts calls 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. You can also submit your billing questions online. A patient account representative will receive your inquiry and call you back at your convenience.

Credit Card Security:

UW Health's Bill Pay tool is built with several safeguards to make the personal and credit card information you provide secure. To protect the integrity and privacy of your information, credit card information is encrypted during the transaction transmission. Once the transaction is complete, UW Health does not store any credit card numbers in our system - that information is only used for the transaction. Our online bill pay system does not require a log in or log out because we are not storing this information for your future use. If you have further questions, please send them to