Treating Every Birth as a Uniquely Special Event

The Rohlfs with their baby daughterLike most first-time parents to be, Melissa and Chad Rohlfs knew how important it would be to find an OBGYN who they were comfortable with and who was willing to take the time necessary to involve them throughout their 40-week birthing journey.
They did well to select Laura Sabo, MD, a UW Health OBGYN at West Towne Clinic.
"Dr. Sabo always had time for us. I had a lot of questions throughout my pregnancy, and she never made us feel rushed in our appointments," says Melissa. "She was thorough in explaining things we didn't understand, and never made us feel like our questions were silly. We were also so impressed with the time she took to address Chad's concerns as a husband and father."
The Rohlfs had no reason to believe their pregnancy would be anything but routine, and such was the case most of the way. As they drew closer to their due date, however, Dr. Sabo suspected that their baby was in breech position.
An ultrasound verified her diagnosis at 36 weeks, and led to a decision to do the safest thing for mom and infant, which in the Rohlfs case meant scheduling a Cesarean-section delivery at the Meriter Birthing Center.
"Needless to say, I never envisioned my first child being born that way, and frankly I was concerned about my wife's safety and recovery from the surgery," Chad says.
During their subsequent weekly appointments leading up to the C-Section, Dr. Sabo shared all of the facts with Melissa and Chad and gradually eased their anxiety about the procedure.
The Rohlfs agree that the Meriter Birthing Center C-Section team was incredible when they went in for the procedure on April 17, 2008. Throughout their 30-minute C-Section, Melissa and Chad were kept apprised of what was happening by Drs. Sabo and Kathy Stewart, MD, a UW Health Perinatologist, and Christina, their surgical nurse.
"Dr. Sabo was very calm and reassuring. I especially appreciated her quiet confidence and trusted that we were in the very best hands," says Melissa, who lost just 200cc of blood during her C-Section—considerably less than the norm during such a procedure.
"What I thought would be a cold, sterile surgical procedure, ended up being an inclusive, amazing experience for our family," says Chad. "Just moments after our daughter Lauren was delivered, we were bonding as a family with our precious little miracle in our arms."
Melissa raves about all who cared for her throughout her hospital stay at Meriter.
"Having our first child was an overwhelming experience for us," Melissa says. "The joy of birth, followed by the stress of learning how to breastfeed, which was no easy task, along with adjusting to less sleep, created a roller coaster of emotions for us. The compassion, empathy and care of our doctors and nurses, as well as their availability to answer questions, made all the difference in our transition as a family."