Cold Knife Cone

What is Cold Knife Cone?


Cold Knife Cone is a procedure to acquire a sample of abnormal tissue from the cervix for examination. It also can be the treatment if abnormal cells have been discovered.

Why is Cold Knife Cone performed?


There are several reasons to perform Cold Knife Cone, including:

  • A doctor believes a woman has abnormal cells in her cervix
  • A biopsy shows cancer or precancerous cells in the cervix
  • An abnormal Pap Smear result that isn't explained with a cervical biopsy
  • To treat early stage cervical cancer (Stage 0 or IAI) or moderate to severe biopsy results (CIN II or III)

What happens during Cold Knife Cone?


A sedative or general or local anesthesia will be administered. The doctor will use a speculum to spread apart the vaginal walls and allow examination of the cervix. Using a scalpel, your OB/GYN removes a cone-shaped sample of tissue from the cervix to be examined.