Caring for Concerns: The Turdot Family and the Center for Perinatal Care

OB/GYN Annual Report The Turdot Family

The Tourdot Family

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When Sara Tourdot arrived at her local hospital for her 19-week ultrasound, she was excited to see her third child for the first time. Up until that day, her pregnancy had been just like her other two - uneventful and going as planned.


But that changed when the ultrasound found a suspicious area on her daughter's right lung. Sara was referred to the Center for Perinatal Care where a diagnosis of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM) was made. 


A CCAM is a benign (non-cancerous) mass of abnormal lung tissue, located usually on one section (lobe) of the lung. This condition is caused by overgrowth of abnormal lung tissue that may form fluid-filled cysts. The tissue does not function as normal lung tissue and, in some instances, can limit the growth of normal lung tissue and put pressure on the heart.


The Center for Perinatal Care provides a complete range of services to women with pregnancy-related medical problems. It is a joint program of Meriter Hospital and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health.


There, Sara had an opportunity to talk with a perinatologist, genetic counselor and clinical nurse specialist, people who could help with questions, offer support and provide care coordination for the remainder of her pregnancy. They arranged for clinic appointments, ultrasounds, consultations with the pediatric surgeon and neonatologist, and communication with her primary provider.


Sara was closely monitored throughout her pregnancy. Since she lives in Mauston, Wis., each trip to and from the clinic was about a two-hour commute. Due to her distance from Madison, she was offered a treatment option where her care was shared between her primary provider close to her home and the specialists at Meriter. This option requires close collaboration between providers, but is helpful for patients referred to Meriter from outlying hospitals. 


Nevertheless, the multiple ultrasounds and hundreds of miles were proven worthwhile when Hannah Tourdot was born on Nov. 23. Sara commented that her entire experience with the Center for Perinatal Care and Meriter's Birthing Center were fabulous. She felt reassured that the medical student from the clinic was able to be present for her daughter's birth.


The final step in Hannah's CCAM journey was surgery to have the mass removed. Her surgeon expects her to make a full recovery. Children's lungs continue to grow until they are around 9 years old, leaving plenty of time for Hannah's lungs to recover. The Tourdots are grateful to the clinic and staff for taking the time to answer their questions and address their concerns. They are looking forward to putting this chapter of their lives behind them and watching their three children grow.