Nutrition and Wellness: Recipes

UW Health Wellness and Nutrition employs registered dietitians to provide medical nutrition therapy for inpatients and outpatients.


Below are some recipes and links to sites that promote sound nutrition and health. You can use these recipes to broaden your nutritional horizons and bolster your current meal plans with food that's both delicious and good for you.


Eating For Your Health


Whether you're looking for healthy breakfast ideas, or after-school snacks, UW Health offers Eating For Your Health. Learn cooking techniques in the "Cooking Outside the Box" video series, find articles on nutrition and wellness and delicious recipes for any occasion.

Other Online Resources


  • Comprehensive recipe database that will let you search by ingredient or food type.
  • Delicious Decisions: Find out just how much "delicious" and "nutritious" have in common from the American Heart Association. 
  • Many ideas provided on main web page. You can also search by type of dish.
  • Eating Well: Where good taste meets good health.
  • Epicurious: Offers a wide variety of ideas.
  • Food Network: Great ideas to increase variety of foods in your meal planning. Rates recipes as easy to hard so you know how much time you need to plan.