UW Health Philosophy of Nursing

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UW Health Recruitment Center, 301 S. Westfield Road, Suite 200, Madison, WI 53717

At UW Health, nurses are fundamentally grounded in providing evidence-based, patient- and family-centered care. We are privileged to provide care across the continuum, and to act as advocates for all individuals, from the most vulnerable to those who are well. We believe nursing is both an art and a science.
Our practice is based on advocacy and a seamless transition of care that supports the promotion and maintenance of healthful practices and wellness for all. As UW Health nurses, we recognize our unique role in approaching care holistically, synthesizing physical, mental, and spiritual needs to support an optimal level of well being or a peaceful death.
The following components are vital to our practice:
  • Compassionate care and respect for the patient, family, and community
  • Providing care that is safe, ethical, patient- and family-centered, culturally congruent and evidence-based
  • Effective communication
  • Educating self and others
  • Utilizing tools to improve our practice (e.g. nursing processes including assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation; lean concepts; innovative technologies)
  • Utilizing evidence and science to guide our practice
  • Inter-professional teamwork and collaboration
  • Responsible use of our resources

We believe we are responsible and accountable for the direct care we provide as well as the indirect actions that might impact patient outcomes. We are committed to continually improving our care through purposeful professional growth and development.