UW Health Nursing Council Structure

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Nurses at UW Health deliver patient- and family-centered care through professional nursing practice that is compassionate, respectful, accountable and nonjudgmental.
Nursing Council Structure
Professional nursing is fostered and supported in an environment where registered nurses are involved in shaping clinical practice. Two cornerstones of this involvement are:
  1. Collaboration to determine the practice environment organization-wide
  2. Participation in decision-making at the unit, departmental and organizational level.

To accomplish these objectives, UW Health Nursing Services developed a defined council structure as the foundation for its commitment to shared vision and collaborative governance. Ten councils – comprised of nurses from all units, clinics and programs – began their work in January 2005.


Councils convene monthly, with each meeting beginning at a different time to ensure maximum participation while guaranteeing adequate staffing in all patient care settings. At the end of the day, the chairs of each council gather with the Nursing Executive Council to recap discussions, exchange information and initiate appropriate actions.


Periodically throughout the year, the councils meet as a cohort to examine issues challenging the organization as a whole and to foster avenues for collaboration. In addition, news and updates about each council’s activities are shared through newsletters and made available through our organizational intranet site.