The Professional Nurse and the Assumption of Responsibility

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Nurses at UW Hospital and Clinics deliver patient- and family-centered care through professional nursing practice that is compassionate, respectful, accountable and nonjudgmental.


Nurses act as patient advocates, representing the patient’s unique characteristics, requests and health care requirements to colleagues in a compassionate and constructive manner. Nurses coordinate care between patients, their families and other healthcare providers.


Patient, Family and Significant Others


Professional nurses are ultimately accountable to the patient. At UW Hospital and Clinics, nurses assume responsibility for their practice. Patients – along with family members and others significant in the patient’s lives – may expect care that considers their individual physical, emotional, socio-cultural and spiritual needs. Nurses advocate the development of care plans that promote the patient’s optimal level of wellness, and respect the patient’s belief and value system.


The Professional Nurse


Clinical practice is the focus of nursing at UW Hospital and Clinics. Nursing supports this commitment through nursing management and administration, nursing education and development, and nursing research. Each nurse demonstrates competence within a continuum of professional development from advanced beginner to expert practitioner (Benner and Wrubel, 1989).


We value the contributions of all professional nurses, and celebrate their achievements through our clinical advancement and recognition program. Because consultation is an integral component of professional practice, nurses here provide and seek expert consultation from colleagues in all disciplines to enhance care outcomes.We are committed to reflective practice (Schön, 1983), which is evidence-based.