Meet Our Nursing Leaders: Heidi Norwick, MSN, RN

Heidi Norwick, MSN, RN, UW Hospital and Clinics Director of Nursing Operations SupportDirector, Nursing Operations Support
UW Hospital and Clinics 

Why do you enjoy working for UW Hospital and Clinics?

"It is truly a privilege to practice nursing at UW Hospital and Clinics. I take tremendous pride in meeting the needs of our patients, in assuring our employees an exceptional environment in which to work and in educating our students.


"We, as both an organization and as the Department of Nursing and Patient Care Services, are committed to providing outstanding care to our patients, care that is based on science and delivered with the art of compassion."





Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Master of Science in Nursing Administration, Edgewood College, Madison


Areas of responsibility

  • Nursing Coordinators
  • Care Initiation and Short Stay Unit
  • SOS Nursing
  • Venous Access Team
  • Float Pool
  • Per Diem Pool
  • Nursing Resource Center