Living Magnet®: Our Magnet Designation

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Visit to view a complete list of UW Health Magnet®-designated facilities.

Magnet® designation is the highest and most prestigious credential a health care organization can achieve for nursing excellence and quality patient care.


Fewer than 10 percent of all registered hospitals in the United States receive Magnet® designation or re-designation, including only 11 in Wisconsin.


In simple terms, Magnet designation is a big deal, especially for patients and families.


If you or a loved one needs hospital care, you should seek out a Magnet hospital to ensure that you'll be receiving the best and highest quality care possible. If you're a nurse or other health professional, you should want to practice at a Magnet® hospital. Read about our Magnet® journey


What Makes UW Health Magnet®?


In the following video, Beth Houlahan, Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive shares five stories of how UW Health's care teams embody the Magnet® components of Leadership, Community, Innovation, Diligence and Inspiration.



Magnet® Nurse of the Year: Susan Gold


At the national Magnet® conference held in Houston, Texas, UW Health nurse Susan Gold, BSN, RN, ACRN, was named 2017 "Magnet Nurse of the Year" for Exemplary Professional Practice, by the American Nurses Credentialing Center - one of the top honors a nurse can achieve. Read more


How UW Health Lives the Magnet® Components


UW Health Magnet nursing designation: Hearing Aid Fairy to the Rescue 

Transformational Leadership

UW Health nursing Magnet designation: Remarkable Relief Efforts 

Structural Empowerment

UW Health Magnet nursing designation: Susan Gold 

Exemplary Professional Practice

UW Health Magnet nursing designation: Removing the Stigma from Eating Disorders 

New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements

UW Health Magnet nursing designation: Caring for Patients in Long-Term Care Facilities 

Empirical Outcomes