2019 UW Health Nursing Excellence Award Winners

Each year, Nurses Week provides a special time for UW Health to recognize all nurses for the care they provide to patients all year long. As part of that recognition, there is a small group of nurses who, according to their peers, exemplify the highest level of commitment, clinical practice and leadership in the delivery of patient- and family-centered care.


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Meet Our 2019 Nursing Excellence Award Recipients

Support Staff, Clinical: Carlos Rodriguez Rojas, NA, Psychiatry Support Staff, Non-Clinical: Brenda Nelson, Health Unit Coordinator, Pediatric Inpatient Unit Rising Star: Hannah Robinson, BSN, RN, Psychiatry
Clinical Nurse, Clinics: Erica Timm, BSN, RN, Radiology Clinical Nurse, Critical Care: Francesca Fricano, BSN, RN, CCRN, Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinical Nurse, Home Health and Coordinated Care: Laura Sell, MS, BSN, RN, Transitional Care
Clinical Nurse, Medical: Lindsey Schmitt, BSN, RN, Hematology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant Clinical Nurse, Pediatrics: Amy Mliner, MSN, RN, Pediatric Float Pool Clinical Nurse, Surgical: Allison Richardson, BSN, RN, Surgical Trauma Unit
Clinical Nurse, Surgical and Procedural Services: Sara Booth, BSN, RN, Operating Room: Eye, ENT, Plastic Primary Nurse: Lindsey Willard, BSN, RN, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Leadership and Advanced Practice: Shelly VanDenBergh, MS, RN, CMSRN, GCNS-BC, General Internal Medicine



Our Nursing Excellence Award Recipients




Nursing Excellence Award Nominees


UW Health recognizes all nominees for their valued contributions to patient care:


  • Amy Alexander
  • Ashley Bishop
  • Angela Blizard
  • Sara Booth
  • Dianna Bower
  • Pamela Brandt
  • Denise Buckley
  • Christina Butzine
  • Monica Cain
  • Laura Cole
  • Suzanne Cooper
  • Gina Copus
  • Lindsay Corrigan
  • Allie Crosby
  • Amber Dalziel
  • Luis Diaz-Barajas
  • Kari Dopson
  • Marcia Foltz
  • Dawn Foster
  • Suzanne Franson
  • Francesca Fricano
  • Haley Gaines
  • Amy Gempeler
  • William Geoghegan Smith
  • Ben Giessinger
  • Melissa Ginter
  • Sally Gulden
  • Brenda Hahn
  • Alyssa Hanson
  • Stacey Haviland
  • Jennifer Heinle
  • Haley Hellenbrand
  • Mary Kay Hermanson
  • Isys Hernandez-Vargas
  • Hailey Hicks
  • Melissa Horton
  • Jane Jachowicz
  • Samantha Jackson
  • Mariah Jacobson
  • Ascenette Marie Jensen
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Jeanie Jundt
  • John Juno
  • Nicholas Kaprelian
  • Kayla Keeney
  • Roxanne Kelly
  • Ray Kline
  • Mikayla Kohls
  • Kris Leahy-Gross
  • Norzin Lhamo
  • Jennifer Liter
  • Hannah Long
  • Michael Luebke
  • Pat Lukas
  • Janean Marr
  • Tessa Martin
  • Rebecca McConnell
  • Amy Mliner
  • Holly Mucci
  • Brenda Muth
  • Tiffany Nelson
  • Brenda Nelson
  • Lynette Olson
  • Maria Dolores Pagas
  • Paula Pope
  • Brenda Popp
  • Jacqueline Price
  • Cynthia Rampetsteiter
  • Mark Ravis
  • Allison Richardson
  • Carlos Rodriguez Rojas
  • Jennifer Rubusch
  • Sandy Sandstrom
  • Lindsey Schmitt
  • Laura Sell
  • Chadd Siebers
  • Samantha Skaife
  • Windy Smith
  • Sarah Smith
  • Lauren Stippich
  • Brittany Stombaugh
  • Erica Timm
  • Carissa Todaro
  • Patrick Van Eyck
  • Shelly VanDenBergh
  • Mac Vesperman
  • Deborah Volgarino
  • Amanda Weber
  • Michelle Weidner
  • Brenda Wendle
  • Kelly Wergin
  • Emily Wilhelmson
  • Lindsey Willard
  • Stephanie Wippermann
  • Sue Wolfe
  • Linda Xiong
  • Courtney Younkle
  • Betty Zahid
  • Tamara Zupanc