Advanced Practice Provider Professional Development Opportunities

Continuing education opportunities allow UW Health APPs to grow and develop as a clinicians, researchers, content experts, advocates and leaders.

UW Health offers its Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) several opportunities to continue to grow and develop as a clinician, researcher, content expert, advocate or leader, to improve clinical care and service to our patients.


Opportunities for professional growth include: 

  • Continuing medical education
  • Leadership training, development and job opportunities
  • Council membership and project workgroups
  • Journal clubs
  • Publication, poster presentation and speaking opportunities
  • Medical mission and community volunteering opportunities

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Opportunities


We offer CME benefits to assist our APPs with professional expenses as well as fees associated with job-related continuing professional education such as seminars and conferences. CME amounts are prorated based on designated FTE.

  • Advanced Practice Provider Grand Rounds are learning and networking opportunities for all APPs across UW Health, which offer CME credit either in person or via teleconference. Grand Rounds also are a great opportunity for our APPs to present an area of expertise to their colleagues or prepare for a larger conference or poster session.
  • Department/Division Grand Rounds are offered on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis to the faculty and providers within a respective department or division. Topics vary based on department/division and area of specialty and are offered for CME.

Leadership Training, Development and Job Opportunities


Investing in our next generation of institutional leaders, including APPs, is critical for the viability of the organization. We develop leaders in areas such as acting systemically, business perspectives, coping with pressure and adversity, forging synergy, influencing, leadership and power, results orientation, risk taking/innovation, self-awareness and sound judgment.

  • Training and Development: Through UW Health’s Learning and Development platform, APPs are offered various classes to meet their individual learning needs. Classes include conflict resolution, communication style, foundations of management, leadership development and more.
  • APP Leadership Job Opportunities: The Office of Advanced Practice serves as the central resource for APP advocacy, support and organizational programming. It also provides opportunities to become part of the APP leadership team, which includes positions that partner with respective department and division leadership to advance and optimize the role of APPs across the organization.

Council Membership

  • Advanced Practice Provider Council: This interprofessional group involves APPs, administrators, physicians, human resources and academic colleagues that convene bi-monthly to plan strategically around issues relevant to APPs at UW Health. Functions include advisement on compensation models, professional evaluation tools, and patient education materials on role of APPs. Appointment is every three years.
  • Advanced Practice Nurse and Physician Assistant Credentialing Subcommittees: As workgroups of the Medical Credentialing Committee, these subcommittees include APNs and PAs who review and recommend our APNs and PAs for new or continuing privileges and participate in ongoing and focused professional practice evaluation. Appointment is every two years.
  • Inpatient APP Collaborative: A group of NP/PAs who practice in our hospitals and meet monthly to discuss and improve issues relevant to inpatient care. These individuals also serve as the APP representative in hospital committees related to operations, quality, safety and patient experience.
  • Other Committees and Councils: Our APPs are involved in various councils and committees throughout the organization. All of these committees are voluntary and are selected based on application, self-nomination, recommendation or selection by the council/committee chair.

Publication, Presentation and Other Scholarly Activities


UW Health encourages APPs to participate in research, educational programs, article publications and poster presentations. Our APPs deliver grand rounds to physician faculty, nurses, and other APPs. Our employees lecture in our UW-Madison School of Nursing and Physician Assistant Program and serve as affiliate and/or permanent faculty.


Volunteer Opportunities


At UW Health we strive for work/life balance. There are opportunities for APPs interested in participating in volunteer activities, providing preceptors for APP students and working with medical mission groups. If you are interested in volunteering, you are likely to find an opportunity through UW Health.