August 12, 2019

Seven yoga poses for kids

While the thought of trying to fit yet one more thing into the day might be overwhelming, following a simple sequence of yoga poses can be a great way to help kids wind down at night or even get them moving in the morning.

Certified yoga instructor Katie Schwartz, with UW Health's Center for Wellness, offers a simple sequence to help kids get moving in the morning, or wind down at night.

A few tips when performing the poses:

  • Make sure you have enough space to stretch out without bumping into anything

  • Listen to your body: If a pose doesn't feel comfortable, don't force it

  • Hold each pose for three breaths before moving to the next

  • It isn't a race to finish: Move slowly and stay relaxed

Warrior pose

Start at your feet, bend one knee and extend the other leg. Reach arms out wide like you are flying and feel your breath.

Helps with: Focus, concentration and grounding.

Downward dog

Spread your hands wide, lengthen the spine and reach up with your tail. Extend legs and drop feet towards the ground.

Helps with: Energizing and strengthening.

Tree pose

Balance on one leg, keeping it strong like a tree. Bring hands to the heart or reach arms up overhead like branches growing towards the sun. 

Helps with: Focus, calming and balance.

Chair pose

Bend knees like you are sitting in a chair and keep your heart lifted. Extend arms out in front like you are giving someone a hug.

Helps with: Balance, concentration and grounding.

Half moon

Balance on one leg and extend the other leg back. Bring arms in opposite directions like you are a bird flying.  

Helps with: Grounding and energizing.

Hand-to-toe pose

Balance on one leg, extend other leg to the side. Reach arms out wide like you have wings to fly.  

Helps with: Calming, balance and coordination.  

Lotus pose

Sit with legs crossed, resting your hands on your knees. Keep your spine straight, body relaxed and eyes closed.

Helps with: Calming and relaxing.