UW Hospital Among Top Employers for Working Parents for Fifth Straight Year

UW Hospital and Clinics Working Mother awardUW Hospital and Clinics has been recognized for the fifth consecutive year as one of the 100 Best Companies in the U.S. for working parents by Working Mother magazine.


How does the hospital continue its winning streak for this coveted award?


According to Janice Bultema, the hospital's senior vice president, human resources, they have focused on creating an environment that allows employees to be successful.


"Our dedicated, talented employees are the lifeblood of the hospital, and we appreciate their contributions," she says. "We understand that as employers it is important to consider the whole picture of what affects an employee's ability to achieve their full potential. We believe this award acknowledges that we are on the right path to doing that and it is truly an honor to win this award for the fifth straight year."


The publication gave the hospital high marks for a number of initiatives that benefit working parents including:

  • UW Hospital and Clinics Working Mother award: Becky Hagen


    Rebecca Hagen, nurse clinician and mother of two, feels she has the power to mold her career around the needs of her family, and envisions working at UW Hospital for a very long time.

    Advancement opportunities
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Staff and managerial education and development
  • In-home or center-based adult, child, and elder backup care
  • Employee wellness program pertaining to weight management, nutrition, exercise and stress management
  • Tuition reimbursement and scholarships for employees returning to school

Valerie Mack, a mother of two and a nurse in the UW Hospital Emergency Department, says the hospital's family-friendly programs have allowed her to honor her commitments to both career and family.


"This job keeps me whole by providing the flexibility and support I need to do my best at work and at home," says Mack, who has worked for UW Hospital for more than 30 years. "From the wellness programs to the flexible scheduling and tuition reimbursement, UW Hospital and Clinics places a high value on keeping their employees happy, healthy and prepared to deliver the best care possible to those we serve."


According to Donna Katen-Bahensky, UW Hospital and Clinics President and CEO, accommodating the needs of busy working parents is a critical reason why UW Hospital has always been such a special place to work.


"As a working mother myself, I fully recognize the challenges that parents face when trying to excel at these two important components of our lives," said Katen-Bahensky. "By creating programs that allow our employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance, I believe we are fostering a more effective and fulfilled staff of caregivers."


Rebecca Hagen (pictured above), a nurse clinician in the Surgery Clinic and mother of two daughters, says the hospital's family-friendly programs have allowed her to strike that healthy balance to have energy for her responsibilities at work and home. Eventually, she plans to use the hospital's tuition reimbursement program to return to school and further her nursing education.


"I like that I can work part-time, attend classes part-time, and be there for my kids," she says. "Because I feel I have the power to mold my career around the needs of my family, I envision myself working at UW Hospital and Clinics for a very long time."


Earlier this year, Working Mother recognized UW Hospital and Clinics as one of the 10 Best Companies for Kids in the U.S., based on strong programs for employees who have children. This year, the magazine also honored the hospital as one of 12 Best Companies for Hourly Workers nationwide.


Working Mother magazine, with a circulation of two million readers, is the only publication in the market dedicated to working mothers.

Date Published: 09/15/2011

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