Winter Art Exhibits at UW Health

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Mandy Kron

Art Coordinator

A number of UW Health patient care locations feature rotating art exhibits that contribute to the healing environment we want to provide for our patients and their friends and families.


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The following exhibits are on display throughout the winter:


PhotoMidwest 2019 Annual Members' Show


Awaken III, by Annette Knapstein Where: University Hospital C5/2 Surgical Waiting Area and E5/2 Hospital Entrance

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: March 3-April 5


Image: Awaken III, by Annette Knapstein


Getting spring fever? We've got the perfect remedy! The 2019 PhotoMidwest Annual Members' Show features the work of our many talented local photographer-artists. Looking for a special, locally crafted gift for any time of year? In an era when we are surrounded by images, these are more than worth a trip. A public opening reception will be held from 1-3pm on Sunday, March 10, in the G5/2 Clinics Lobby (Towne Square).

















Cat's Paw Glass Jewelry by Laurie Ruck

Solar Flare, by Laurie Ruck 

Where: University Hospital Display Cases

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: March 3-April 5


Image: Solar Flare, by Laurie Ruck


"I am a Wisconsin glass artist that loves to work primarily with dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is glass that has microlayers of metals and oxides layered onto it to create a multitude of colors with different lighting. This helps to give each piece a personality of its own. By manipulating the dichroic glass through different applications such as stacking, engraving, and controlling the flow of the glass when it is in more liquid form, I can let the glass shine through with as many colors as possible. I have a home studio which helps me to make all of this possible. With this exhibition, I have focused more on trying to remake natural experiences and sights eternal in the glass to try to capture a sliver of the experience." - Laurie Ruck






Photography by Nithin Charlly


Teamwork Reflects Success, by Nithin CharllyWhere: University Hospital, 1st Floor, J5/1 Corridor

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Feb. 27-March 27


Instagram: @nithincharllyphotography

Image: Teamwork Reflects Success, by Nithin Charlly


"I am inspired by the moments we lose to memory. I hope to capture the essence of these moments in my photographs. This collection of familiar faces comes from my passion as a photographer and a lifelong Wisconsin Badger fan." - Nithin Charlly









Paula Pulvermacher, Paintings


Summer Reflections, by Paula PulvermacherWhere: University Hospital, 2nd Floor, D Elevator Lobby
600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Jan. 3-March 26.


Image: Summer Reflections, by Paula Pulvermacher


"I have been painting for most of my life. My choice of medium is acrylic, although I have also been painting with watercolors in the last few years. I am mostly inspired by nature and country landscapes. I have painted on several different surfaces besides canvas, including rocks, sawblades, trowels, chairs and murals on the shed in my yard. I am excited to share my work." - Paula Pulvermacher






Photography by Susan Sullivan


Red Admiral Butterfly on a Sunflower, by Susan SullivanWhere: University Hospital, 1st Floor, G5/1 Corridor

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Feb. 28-March 28


Image: Red Admiral Butterfly on a Sunflower, by Susan Sullivan


"After retirement from working in law offices for 30 years, we bought a new home and started the landscaping. I started a Memory Garden, making separate gardens that included plants with names of each of my family members. I ended up with over 30 gardens and hundreds of flowers.


Once these gardens started blooming, they were so beautiful I began taking pictures of them. When my daughter viewed the photos, she thought they were something others would enjoy seeing, so I began printing and framing them. We discovered people do enjoy seeing these nature photos. That was so pleasing to me. It became quite the hobby. I hope you enjoy my photos." - Susan Sullivan






Sun Prairie High School Student Art Showcase


Denim Dreams, by Niki AlghrimWhere: UW Health at the American Center, 2nd Floor, American Bistro

4602 Eastpark Blvd.

Madison, WI 53718

When: Feb. 1-April 25

Image: Denim Dreams, by Niki Alghrim


The selected works of some of the Art students at Sun Prairie High School have the honor of being displayed at UW Health at the American Center. The two-dimensional work represents a wide selection of media, concepts and subject matter. We are so excited to be able to highlight just a sample of the incredible artwork being created by the talented 10th-, 11th- and 12th-grade students at Sun Prairie High School.














Noël Ash: A Child-Based Life


Gabriela and Jorge, by Noël Ash Where: Signe Skott Cooper School of Nursing, Enroth Hall
701 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53705

When: Jan. 30-April 24


Image: Gabriela and Jorge, by Noël Ash


"From the inception of my Motherhood, I was bitten by the bug of perfection. Sure that I could find the right way to do everything, I read books and researched various publications, eventually turning to online forums in my desire to winnow the infinite ways to raise a perfectly balanced, emotionally secure, and physically healthy child. Little did I know the wormhole I had entered. Online forums, as it turns out, are not the safest place to share your fears and imperfections. Yet in an age where relationships are maintained electronically, reaching out for support can be difficult. More and more, the only aspects of our child-filled lives that we feel safe sharing are those that reflect our successes. But a photo that for one parent is a celebration of success can be received by another parent as an indictment of their own insufficiencies. I believe it is more important than ever to connect with actual, flawed people. These people are not found on the internet but in the real spaces of our neighborhoods and our homes. I am fortunate to live in a community of parents who, like me, are also graduate students. Our common desperation to meet the needs of our families while excelling at school helps us to be open about things like finding half-eaten apples in all corners of the house, yelling more than we'd like, and turning on the Television Babysitter a bit too often. These relationships help me to navigate the guilt." - Noël Ash

Date Published: 02/26/2019

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