Winter Art Exhibits at UW Health

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Mandy Kron

Art Coordinator

A number of UW Health patient care locations feature rotating art exhibits that contribute to the healing environment we want to provide for our patients and their friends and families.


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The following exhibits are on display throughout the fall and winter:


Madison Art Guild


Mathematical Conversations, by Tsela BarrWhere: University Hospital C5/2 Surgical Waiting Area and Display Cases

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Jan. 6-Feb. 1


Image: Mathematical Conversations, by Tsela Barr


The Madison Art Guild (MAG) was founded in 1914 and is one of the oldest art organizations in Wisconsin. Members of MAG will be exhibiting recent work in the January Showcase. MAG is a nonprofit organization with over 100 members in South Central Wisconsin. The exhibit features a wide-ranging selection of media and subject matter. Enjoy pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, as well as jewelry, photography and other media.












Drawings by Mark Mueller


Madison Skyline, by Mark MuellerWhere: University Hospital E5/2 Hospital Entrance

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Jan. 6-Feb. 1


Image: Madison Skyline, by Mark Mueller


For the last 43 years, Mark Mueller has been committed to portraying the nature and character of many unique buildings and landscapes in his limited edition pen and ink drawings. The pen and ink medium provides crispness and contrast to the scene. Each drawing is individually hand colored with pastels, creating an original piece of art in every image with natural softness and personality of its own. Mark's artwork fosters a pleasant sense of reminiscence. "The scenes I draw give us a glimpse into our past and present," says the artist. Mark has been involved in the art field all of his life. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Mark has been exhibiting his award-winning art in shows since 1976.





Photography by Alison Alluvial


Ig Queen, by Alison Alluvial

Where: University Hospital, 1st Floor, J5/1 Corridor

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Jan. 4-30

Image: Ig Queen, by Alison Alluvial


"My photography reflects the way I play. I take my camera with me when I roam around, whether it's on a friend's farmland, along the cobbled streets of Spain, or during a brief moment of inspiration in an old apartment bathroom. My photography work is bare bones - no fancy equipment, no staging, no frills - a digital camera and printing on paper. Things happen where they happen, as they happen. I hope that you will see my photos - and my play - as I do: simple, yet vibrant." - Alison Alluvial


















Photography by Brian Kelley


Rust-Stochastic 4, by Brian KelleyWhere: University Hospital, 1st Floor, G5/1 Corridor

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Jan. 5-31.


Image: Rust-Stochastic 4, by Brian Kelley


"As nature provides a gorgeous sunset, frequent and grand, stunning us with variety and color; human constructs on grand and small scales in the seemingly mundane periphery can develop stunning expressions of pattern and color in concert with nature. Using my camera, I draw these expressions of beauty out of the unnoticed world all around us and present them at large scale, with the scale suggesting that we always are surrounded with striking beauty, on varying scale and from varying perspectives." - Brian Kelley






Paula Pulvermacher, Paintings


Summer Reflections, by Paula PulvermacherWhere: University Hospital, 1st Floor, J3/1 UW Carbone Cancer Center Waiting Room
600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Jan. 3-March 26.


Image: Summer Reflections, by Paula Pulvermacher


"I have been painting for most of my life. My choice of medium is acrylic, although I have also been painting with watercolors in the last few years. I am mostly inspired by nature and country landscapes. I have painted on several different surfaces besides canvas, including rocks, sawblades, trowels, chairs and murals on the shed in my yard. I am excited to share my work." - Paula Pulvermacher






Watercolors by Irene Olson and Deb Gleason


Summer Fun, by Deb Gleason

Where: UW Health at the American Center, 2nd Floor, American Bistro

4602 Eastpark Blvd.

Madison, WI 53718

When: Oct. 31-Jan. 29


Images: Summer Fun, by Deb Gleason

Sunday Afternoon, by Irene Olson


"Watercolor has been my passion for the past 10 years. I am always looking for the next photo to take and develop into a painting. I am a member of Madison Watercolor Society and the Madison Art Guild." - Deb Gleason



Sunday Afternoon, by Irene Olson

"I moved to the USA in 1967 from India. I am influenced by the colors and rhythms of India and the Vibrancy of Madison and Dane County. My work reflects both cultures. I was always interested in the arts, and after retiring from medicine, I pursued art, gardening and making bread. My art is in corporate and individual collections and I have been featured in the Dane County Cultural Affairs calendar. I love what I do." - Irene Olson











Recycled Art by Karen Loper


Sevens on Yellow, by Karen LoperWhere: Signe Skott Cooper School of Nursing, Enroth Hall
701 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53705

When: Nov. 1-Jan. 28

Image: Sevens on Yellow, by Karen Loper


"My collages are made from discarded box labels, bumper stickers and 'pesky' address labels. Odd color combinations are dictated by my material sources. I hope to tickle your eyes' funny bone with color and shapes. I am dedicated to recycling, so all my works are original compositions. When one of my compositions finds a home, there's always another on emerging from the point of my knife blade onto a nice colored box I rescued from a dumpster." - Karen Loper





Drawings by Gary Lynch


Drawing, by Gary LynchWhere: University Hospital, 2nd Floor, Atrium

600 Highland Ave.

Madison, WI 53792

When: Through Jan. 28

Image: Drawing, by Gary Lynch


Gary Lynch creates art through VSA Wisconsin. He enjoys singing and being creative. He is thankful to his teachers at VSA for their guidance.

Date Published: 12/28/2018

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