UW Medical Foundation Earns $40,000 For Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Madison, Wisconsin - The University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation recently received more than $40,000 for energy efficiency upgrades as part of its participation in Focus on Energy's Retrocommissioning Program.


The 1 S. Park Green Team with a check from Focus on Energy

The program, which partners with local utilities companies such as Madison Gas and Electric, improves how building equipment and systems function by:

  • Identifying energy waste
  • Identifying indoor environmental concerns
  • Expanding facilities' staff awareness

"It's been rewarding to be part of the 1 S. Park Green Team that identified areas where we could be more efficient, and to also see that these efforts not only save us money, but more importantly, help save the environment," said Mary Evers Statz, director of facilities services for the Medical Foundation. "The completed projects at 1 S. Park are expected to eliminate more than 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions."

Date Published: 12/11/2013

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