UW Medical Foundation Donates $25,000 On Behalf of Employees

Madison, Wisconsin - The University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation is again proud to make $25,000 in donations to local charitable organizations on behalf of its employees - with the employees themselves deciding which groups will receive the donations.


The UWMF Employee-Directed Charitable Giving program gives employees a voice in the donation process that bears their names. This year, a group of 12 employees served on the committee, reaching out to co-workers and gathering input on which organizations the campaign should consider supporting.


"The group typically makes choices that exceed my expectations for thoughtful and meaningful gifts on behalf of all of us," said Pete Christman, UWMF Chief Operating Officer. "This year's committee did an exceptional job of seeking and receiving input from colleagues and really doing their homework."


In the end, the committee selected 15 different organizations to receive donations. Five of these non-profit organizations were recognized during an employee appreciation event June 17 at UWMF's Administrative Office Building.


Following are highlights from some of the deserving organizations selected for their work in our community:


The UWMF Employee-Directed Charitable Giving Program made a donation to the Madison Apprenticeship Program in 2014. Madison Apprenticeship Program works to help promote self-worth, build self-esteem and foster the growth of individuals through life skills and pre-employment training. "This grant is an ability to provide assistance to several areas of the program," said Diana Shinall, executive director of the Madison Apprenticeship Program. "The donation will provide reading materials, supplies, and laptop computers."
The UWMF Employee-Directed Charitable Giving Program made a donation to the Custom Canine Service Academy in 2014. Custom Canine Service Academy works to train service dogs individualized to each person according to their needs. "Custom Canines is humbled and grateful for this generous contribution, which will enhance many deserving lives of disabled individuals in our community," says Nicole Meadowcroft, President of Custom Canines.
The UWMF Employee-Directed Charitable Giving Program made a donation to the Babies Gone Too Soon in 2014. Babies Gone Too Soon provides ongoing community outreach to families after loss of a baby. "Our goal is to provide ongoing support for families that experience the loss of a baby, at any point during pregnancy or in the first year of life," said Liz Green, a co-founder of Babies Gone Too Soon. "We found many organizations that provide support shortly after a family's loss, but especially in rural Wisconsin, there aren't many resources for support after a loss."
The UWMF Employee-Directed Charitable Giving Program made a donation to the Personal Essential Pantry in 2014. Personal Essential Pantry works to provide personal essentials at no cost for everyday life. "Being able to provide laundry soap, diapers, toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc. helps these families maintain a sense of dignity by providing the basics of personal and household hygiene that so many of us take for granted," Robin Cherwinka said. "The gratitude expressed by our guests, no matter what they receive, is humbling and we are so very grateful for your part in helping us fulfill this need."
The UWMF Employee-Directed Charitable Giving Program made a donation to the Community Partnerships in 2014. Community Partnerships is committed to serving individuals, children, and families with mental health issues to be successful in their homes, schools, and communities. "Now more than ever, Community Partnerships relies on the generosity of donations to help us achieve our mission of providing community-based home visiting and mental health services to those at highest need," said Scott S. Strong, executive director for Community Partnerships. "Often times, the need for services far outweighs the funding."


The following 15 organizations received a donation on behalf of UWMF employees:

 We thank the 2014 UWMF Employee Charitable Giving Workgroup for their hard work in this initiative:

  • Brent Ashley
  • Alyson Bratz
  • Andrew Jacus
  • Pam MacLeod
  • Leah Marshall
  • Kathryn May
  • Jennifer McLain
  • Kristine Moses
  • Gene Petkash
  • Nicole Prestigiacomo
  • Clayton Servais
  • Bette Swanson


Date Published: 07/14/2014

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