UW Hospital One of the Nation's Top 10 Companies for Working Mothers

Rachel Thill; UW Hospital and Clinics awarded Working Mother awardWhat makes a company one of the nation's best places to work? Just ask working mothers at UW Hospital and Clinics.


Named to Working Mother magazine's "100 Best Companies" list for the fourth consecutive year, the hospital moved into the Top 10 ranking in 2010—alongside corporate giants such as IBM, General Mills and Bank of America.


UW Hospital earned praise for flexible scheduling, time off policies and leaves of absence that help working mothers balance career and home life.


According to pharmacy manager, Hannet Tibagwa Ambord, that balance is "priceless."


"I work with many parents who have young children like I do, and being able to attend recitals, plays and other activities is so important," says Ambord. "UW Hospital allows us flexibility to be there for those special moments."


Ambord also takes advantage of the Wellness Options at Work program, and often exercises with other working moms.


"It feels great to know you can take care of yourself during the work day. I can give my best for patients and have energy left for my family when I get home."


The hospital's Backup Care program fills the gap during a temporary breakdown in normal child, adult or elder care arrangements. Employees can choose centerbased or in-home back-up care for their loved ones—infants through elders.


"My mom provides care for my son and handicapped father, so we weren't sure what to do after she was hospitalized from a fall," states Kari Stampfli, clinical nurse specialist and pediatric nurse practitioner. "Fortunately, Backup Care quickly arranged for a highly-skilled nursing assistant to care for both of my parents, so I was able to get to work during an extremely busy time. Words can't express my heartfelt gratitude for this program!"


Janice K. Bultema, UW Hospital and Clinics senior vice president with responsibility for Human Resources, says programs like Wellness Options at Work and Backup Care have made it easier to retain good employees and fill vacant positions.


"It's an honor to work with staff who take pride in working for UW Hospital and Clinics while also being devoted to their families," she says. "Their dedication is what makes us one of the best at providing excellent, quality health care."


Dedicated certainly describes Rachel Thill, who was able to keep working after UW Hospital and Clinics helped her through one of the darkest times in her life.


"When my husband died unexpectedly, the flexibility and support UW Hospital gave me became a lifesaver," says Thill. "The benefits they provided allowed me time to heal and be there for my daughter, which was the most important thing. I feel such dedication to UW Hospital and Clinics—I know I'll be here until the day I retire!"

Date Published: 11/17/2010

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