UW Health Values Military Veterans

Skip Kraiss (left) and Mikel Kind are UW Health employees and veterans.Madison, Wisconsin - When employees and faculty come to work each day, they typically know what the day will bring.


For a handful of those individuals, that's not always the case. UW Health values the employees and faculty who also serve in the military – supporting them in any way possible when they are called to active duty.


"Working at UW Health has made it very easy for me to be a citizen soldier," says Mikel Kind, custodian and Army veteran. "It's never been difficult for me to balance working with my Army commitments. UW Health is very supportive of the Armed Forces and I look forward to coming to work because of the positive environment that's created by the people here. I would definitely refer military veterans to pursue careers at UW Health."


Meet Our Veterans


Meet Our Veterans: Skip Kraiss

Meet Our Veterans: Mikel Kind

Meet Our Veterans: Javier Font


We thank our veterans for their service to our country and hope these offerings prove valuable in their career exploration.


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Date Published: 11/07/2013

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