June 16, 2023

UW Health updates hospital and clinic names in northern Illinois

SwedishAmerican Hospital is now UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital

ROCKFORD, Ill. – Several UW Health facilities in the Rockford area are getting new names and signage, including SwedishAmerican Hospital.

Effective June 13, SwedishAmerican Hospital officially became UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital.

These changes are the latest chapter to better align with UW Health operations and will improve the patient experience, according to Travis Andersen, CEO, UW Health in northern Illinois.

“These updates create consistency across our health system, which benefits patients, visitors, staff and our community,” he said. “It improves navigation to our hospitals and clinics, which is vitally important for individuals with important health needs.”

Updated names do not affect operations or appointments, and patients have been contacted about the changes through MyChart. Updates to items inside UW Health buildings, such as flyers, and for patient communications like after-visit summaries are underway.

“We’re excited to roll out these new names and signage that reflect our connection to a world-class academic medical center, a connection that enhances our ability to provide top-quality care right here in Rockford and northern Illinois,” Andersen said.

Two clinics previously underwent these updates: UW Health 9th Street Clinic and UW Health Marchesano Dr Clinic. Other name updates in northern Illinois are listed below. More clinic name updates are scheduled for the summer and fall.

This work is part of a facility naming project that began in Wisconsin last year, which included new names for almost 40 facilities.

Renamed facilities

  • SwedishAmerican Hospital is now UW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital

  • SwedishAmerican Women and Children's Hospital is now UW Health Women and Children's Hospital

  • SwedishAmerican Heart Hospital is now UW Health Heart Hospital

  • SwedishAmerican Renaissance Pavilion is now UW Health 1340 Charles St Clinic

  • SwedishAmerican Camelot Tower is now UW Health 1415 E State St Clinic

  • SwedishAmerican Ninth Street Center is now UW Health 9th St Clinic

  • SwedishAmerican Riverwest Clinic is now UW Health Marchesano Dr Clinic