UW Health Sees the Impact of COVID-19 Stress With Increased Hair and Skin Conditions

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Madison, Wisconsin – UW Health dermatologists are seeing an increase in cases of hair loss and flares of psoriasis (red, scaly, itchy skin) in patients due to stress from COVID-19.


Dr. Apple Bodemer, a UW Health integrative dermatologist, says she is seeing an uptick in stress-related skin conditions, which is not surprising given all the changes and uncertainty related to COVID-19.


"COVID-19 impacts every part of life, and stress has a huge impact on the skin. I am seeing a huge increase in hair loss and flares of psoriasis with my patients," said Dr. Bodemer. "In my practice I talk to my patients about mindfulness, breath work and I also recommend supplements that help support the adrenal glands, so people are better able to handle the physical effects of stress."


Dr. Bodemer also said acne flare-ups are a concern for people who have to wear a tight-fitting mask all day, such as healthcare and grocery store workers. She says it's important to take a break from wearing the mask when you can safely do so and avoid putting make up on the lower face. Also, gently washing your face twice a day can help with any breakouts.

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Date Published: 06/25/2020

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