UW Health Sees Increase in Burn Cases; Shares Prevention Reminders with Community

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Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health’s Burn and Wound Center has admitted 40 percent more patients with burn injuries in the last two months (March 15-May15) compared to the same time last year. Specifically, there has been an increase in patients suffering burns from grease and hot water.


This increase is almost entirely due to burn injuries sustained while cooking in the kitchen, either from hot water or grease. Many more of the grease burns required surgery than the hot water burns. Hot water burns happened more often to young children after a spill, and the grease burns happened more often to adults as they were trying to get rid of the hot grease. Burns occurred in all age groups.


Important reminders for the community:


1) If a grease fire ignites, cover the flame with a metal lid or cookie sheet, do not try to extinguish with water or try to dump it out.


2) Maintain three feet from an open flame or very hot surface, both in the kitchen or outdoors. This is especially important for kids. Make sure no toys or kids are near the stove or an open flame.


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Date Published: 05/19/2020

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