UW Health Receives Excellence Award from National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Madison, Wisconsin — The UW Health Multiple Sclerosis Clinic has earned the Excellence in Healthcare Award from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for being a premiere provider and partner of care for the MS community.


“We are grateful for their commitment and dedication to the National MS Society and its constituents,’’ says Danelle O’Neill, executive director of the MS Society’s Wisconsin office.


The UW Health neurology program is designated as a Partner in MS Care, Center for Comprehensive Care. This designation signifies that, because of the demonstrated excellence of care, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society refers patients to their clinic. Partners in MS Care are health care providers who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in treating patients with MS and have a relationship with the National MS Society. Centers for Comprehensive Care are Partners in MS Care that provide coordinated multidisciplinary MS care.


O’Neill presented the award to the providers from the UW Health multiple sclerosis clinics, located at University Hospital and at 20 S. Park St. in Madison. UW Health is the only health care system in Wisconsin to receive the 2019 award, O’Neill said. The multidisciplinary UW Health team offers new treatments, early intervention and continuity of care, always keeping the individual patient's needs foremost. The staff also has a strong connection to the latest MS research.


“We are very honored to receive this recognition from the National MS Society and greatly value our partnership with the society,’’ says Dr. Natasha Frost, multiple sclerosis program director. “The UW Health Multiple Sclerosis Clinic and the National MS Society share a common goal of improving the lives of our patients with multiple sclerosis in Wisconsin.  It is a great honor to have our efforts to deliver the best possible care recognized by such an amazing organization.”

Date Published: 02/18/2019

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