February 16, 2022

UW Health to raise minimum wage rate to $17 per hour

Madison, Wis. – Five years ago, UW Health become one of the first large employers in the Madison area to move their lowest rate of pay to $15 per hour. That decision was part of UW Health’s goal to be recognized as an employer of choice that attracts a highly diverse, skilled and innovative workforce.

Continuing that commitment, UW Health announced it will take a major step forward, increasing its lowest regular rate of pay for Wisconsin operations to $17 per hour, effective May 2022. This change will affect more than 200 job titles and over 20 percent of the workforce at UW Health.

Leaders at UW Health understood early on that we could only attract the best employees if we supported them with a strong package of wages and benefits, according to Betsy Clough, chief human resources officer, UW Health.

“We are raising the bar again to support the dedicated and talented staff here at UW Health and ensure we can bring in the new, highly skilled and driven staff we need to support our health system and care for our community,” she said.

According to Clough, hiring has evolved a lot in recent years, and UW Health is competing for talent with new industries and geographic regions. To do that, she says, UW Health needs to make hiring easier and faster, and ensure wages and benefits continue to create a strong incentive for working at the health system.

“UW Health is committed to building on its reputation as not just the No. 1 hospital in Wisconsin, but one of the best places to work,” she said. “We value every individual on our team, because they each play a key role in delivering remarkable patient care to our community.”