UW Health Reopening Some Primary Care Clinics

Madison, Wisconsin – UW Health is reopening some of its primary care clinics to meet patients' in-person care needs while also keeping its workforce and communities as healthy as possible during COVID-19.


Due to strong social distancing practices in our community, we have not seen a surge in COVID-19 cases. Because of this and the implementation of successful safety protocols at our UW Health facilities, we are able to expand access to care at certain clinics. This move is intended to better accommodate patients who have essential medical needs that require in-person care. If your appointment was postponed, UW Health will be contacting you to reschedule your visit if appropriate. For more information on getting your care safely at UW Health, please visit our frequently asked questions about coming into our hospital and clinics.


In addition, UW Health has rapidly redesigned its outpatient care system to provide as much care as possible over the phone and through video appointments. This is always an option if you feel your healthcare need can be handled in this manner.


UW Health remains steadfast in its commitment to all the communities it serves. Patients can contact their usual clinic location with questions or to request a visit by telephone or video. UW Health's emergency care locations at University Hospital and UW Health at The American Center are always open, and the two urgent care sites at Union Corners and West Towne in Madison are open.


Patients can contact their usual clinic location with questions or to request a visit by telephone or video.


The following information is subject to change and will be updated as needed.


UW Health’s primary care locations that are open for in-person, essential visits/care:

Consolidated Locations as of June 1


Temporarily Closing

Temporarily Serviced by

Pediatrics at West Towne Clinic

West Clinic

General Internal Medicine at West Towne Clinic

Odana Clinic

Family Medicine at Fitchburg

Odana Clinic

General Internal Medicine at University Station

20 S. Park

Pediatrics at University Station

20 S. Park

Arboretum Clinic

Yahara Clinic

Cottage Grove Clinic

Yahara Clinic

General Internal Medicine at Stoughton

East Clinic

Pediatrics at Stoughton

East Clinic

Cross Plains

Mount Horeb (as of June 3)

Sun Prairie Clinic

DeForest Clinic


Effective dates are subject to change slightly, based on availability of resources.


Patients served by the clinics that are temporarily closed are also encouraged to consider provider visits by phone, MyChart or Care Anywhere video visit options. 

Video Visits


Care Anywhere Video Visit


Video visits give you and your family easy access to urgent care in minutes on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Date Published: 06/19/2020

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