May 6, 2021

UW Health offers physical therapy clinic to help active moms

Madison, Wis. — Ahead of Mother's Day this weekend, UW Health is highlighting its new Active Moms Clinic, a clinic designed to provide specialized physical therapy for mothers returning to physical activity after childbirth.

The Active Moms Clinic is available to people who are postpartum, even if they gave birth more than one or two years ago, and who are struggling to return to physical activity or sports participation due to changes or injuries that have occurred following pregnancy.

"We want to help mothers live the active lives they want and achieve their unique physical and athletic goals," said Jenelle Deatherage, physical therapist at UW Health and Active Moms Clinic provider. "Whether a person gave birth three months ago or three years ago, we are here to support mothers and help them overcome barriers that have arisen since giving birth."

Patients can be referred to the clinic, or they can reach out to the clinic directly if they believe they have a physical condition or limitation that stemmed from pregnancy or birth. The clinic includes specialists in pelvic and spinal physical therapy as well as sports physical therapists.

This highly experienced team can collectively help women return to activities such as running, weightlifting, yoga or team sports. Patients will work with one or more providers to determine a customized physical therapy plan based upon their individual needs.

The Active Moms Clinic is accepting patients today. Call (608) 828-6600 for more details.

Jenelle Deatherage, a physical therapist at UW Health, explains the Active Moms Clinic.