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March 23, 2022

UW Health encourages patients to thank a doctor ahead of National Doctors’ Day next week

Madison, Wis. – Has a UW Health doctor made a positive impact on your life?

UW Health is gathering notes of gratitude for physicians in honor of National Doctors’ Day, which is held annually on March 30 to celebrate the contributions of physicians who care for the health and wellness of our patients and our communities.

Patients have two options to share what makes their physician special and what their care has meant to them.

If you would like to send a private message for your doctor to read on March 30, use the online form at

If you would like to share a general note of thanks and appreciation to all UW Heath doctors that will appear together on one platform and will be shared with all 1,800 physicians on March 30, use this online Kudoboard. Please note these messages will be visible to others, so do not share private or personal information.

“Medicine is a special calling and personal messages of gratitude like this mean so much to us,” said Dr. Bartho Caponi, hospitalist, UW Health. “These messages for our remarkable doctors are especially impactful now given the challenges we have faced over the last two years working to care for our patients through a prolonged pandemic.”

The first National Doctors’ Day was observed in 1933. In 1953, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution commemorating Doctors’ Day. In 1990, President George Bush signed into law the designation of March 30 as National Doctors’ Day.