UW Health Encourages Mammograms During COVID-19

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Madison, Wisconsin - UW Health experts encourage anyone due for a mammogram, either a preventive screening or a checkup for a prior breast cancer, to schedule their appointment as soon as possible.


UW Health saw thousands of fewer screening mammograms from mid-March through June compared to a similar timeframe in 2019. Experts note it is certain that some of those delayed screenings would have resulted in a breast cancer diagnosis and want the public to know UW Health is open and available to perform these important screenings safely.


“We know some of our patients are hesitant to schedule their screening mammogram in this ongoing pandemic,” said Dr. Roberta Strigel, chief of Breast Imaging and Intervention for the Department of Radiology and UW Health. “We want to assure the community that when they come for a mammogram, either at a hospital or a clinic, they will be greeted by a very safe and caring environment.”


Experts emphasize that anyone experiencing symptoms within their breast (a lump, nipple discharge, skin dimpling) should contact their provider and request a diagnostic appointment as soon as possible. For those without symptoms, routine screening mammography every 1-2 years is important for many women over the age of 40. These screenings enable experts to diagnose breast cancers at earlier stages which leads to better outcomes, and less extensive, more effective treatments for patients. 


Visit our online resources for more information about scheduling mammograms and the UW Health Breast Center.


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Video: Dr. Roberta Strigel Talk About the Importance of Mammograms



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Date Published: 07/16/2020

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