UW Health Providers Dominate Madison Magazine's Top Doctors Lists

UW Health logoMadison, Wisconsin - For its annual Top Doctors feature, Madison Magazine asked doctors in the Madison area which local physicians they would recommend to their friends, family and loved ones.


In nearly all of the 57 adult specialties, the answer included a UW Health provider - and in many cases, several more.


Of the 203 physicians named to the 2012 Top Doctors lists, which are featured in the magazine's September edition, 119 are from UW Health.


Physicians honored in each specialty received 8 percent or more of the votes in online voting done in April. In categories in which no provider reached that level, the top three vote-getters made the list.


In the 13 pediatric specialties, physicians from American Family Children's Hospital accounted for 42 of the 53 providers on the Top Doctors lists.


Here are the UW Health providers who were lauded on the 2012 Top Doctors lists for adult specialties:


Addiction Treatment
Randy Brown

Allergy & Immunology

William W. Busse
Sameer Mathur

Deborah A. Rusy

Arthritis & Rheumatology

Carolyn L. Bell
Kevin M. McKown

Christie M. Bartels

Complementary & Cardiovascular Medicine
Charles K. Stone

Alternative Medicine
Adam Rindfleisch

Critical Care Medicine
Charles A. Weber

Dennis G. Maki

George T. Reizner

Emergency Medicine
Azita Hamedani

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism
Diane F. Elson

Family Medicine
David J. Ringdahl

Sandra A. Kamnetz

Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Mark Reichelderfer

Genetic Counseling
Gregory M. Rice

David S. Wargowski

Steven R. Barczi

David T. Watts
Sanjay Asthana
Robert Przybelski

Cynthia Carlsson

Eliot C. Williams

Brad S. Kahl

Ann M. Sheehy

Immediate/Urgent Care
Steven Tyska

Infectious Disease
Dennis G. Maki

Surgery, Colon/Rectal
Charles P. Heise

Eugene F. "Chip" Foley

Gregory D. Kennedy
Bruce A. Harms

Internal Medicine

Joan F. Addington-White
Peter D. Newcomer

Arjang (Aji) Djamali
R. Michael Hofmann
Paul S. Kellerman

Brad R. Beinlich

Fred Edelman

Robert J. Dempsey

Bermans J. Iskandar

Oncology, Gynecologic

Laurel W. Rice
David M. Kushner

Stephen L. Rose

Ellen M. Hartenbach

Oncology, Hematological
Brad S. Kahl
Walter L. Longo

Mark B. Juckett

Oncology, Medical
Sam J. Lubner

David L. Hei

Oncology, Radiological
Kristin A. Bradley

Mark Ritter

Paul M. Harari

Steven P. Howard

Kevin R. Kozak

Oncology, Surgical
Clifford S. Cho
Sharon M. Weber

Emily R. Winslow

Gregg A. Heatley

Justin L. Gottlieb

Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
John P. Heiner

Greg K. Hartig

Pain Medicine & Management
Nathan J. Rudin

Palliative Medicine
Toby C. Campbell

James F. Cleary

Erik A. Ranheim

Pathology, Surgical
Gholam Reza Hafez

Podiatry (D.P.M.)
Randy S. Kittleson

Art Walaszek

Pulmonary Disease
Charles A. Weber

Nizar N. Jarjour

John P. Schilling

Fred T. Lee Jr.
Francis J. Thornton

Rehabilitation Medicine
James W. Leonard
Deborah L.P. McLeish

Sleep Medicine
Mary E. Klink

Ruth M. Benca

Spine Medicine
Craig A. Dopf
Gregory R. Trost

Paul A. Anderson

James W. Leonard

Thomas A. Zdeblick

Sports Medicine
David T. Bernhardt

Stroke Medicine

Justin A. Sattin
Marcus Chacon

Surgery, Bariatric
Michael J. Garren

Jacob A. Greenberg

Guilherme M. Campos

Surgery, Cardiovascular
Takushi Kohmoto

Surgery, General
Michael P. Sloan

Surgery, Hand/Microsurgery
Venkat K. Rao

Stefan V. Zachary

Michael L. Bentz

A. Neil Salyapongse

Surgery, Orthopedic
John P. Heiner

Surgery, Plastic & Reconstructive
Michael L. Bentz

Bradley L. Manning

Venkat K. Rao

Surgery, Thoracic
Tracey Weigel
James D. Maloney

Surgery, Transplantation
Anthony M. D'Alessandro

Joshua D. Mezrich

Luis A. Fernandez

Dixon Kaufman

David P. Foley
Jon S. Odorico

Lee D. Faucher

James A. W. Orr
Kenneth A. Kudsk

Travel Medicine
David R. Andes

Elaine Rosenblatt
, NP
Richard M. Reich

Stephen Y. Nakada

David F. Jarrard

Date Published: 08/22/2012

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