UW Health Addresses Where We Stand Locally and Nationally on COVID-19 Vaccines

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Madison, Wisconsin – As we approach two months since COVID-19 vaccinations began locally and across the nation, it continues to be the issue on most people's minds.

  • According to estimates, there are more than 60 COVID-19 vaccines in development, with two approved for emergency use and more presumably on the way.
  • Eligibility guidelines have been updated to include approximately 1.6 million people in Wisconsin alone.
  • New variants of the disease are popping up around the world and increasingly the nation. While most seem to respond to the existing vaccines, there are reported variations in response that are under further study.

As public health authorities and health systems work to distribute and deliver the existing supply of vaccine, it is important to remember that vaccines supply is still very limited, and it will take months to vaccinate the current group of eligible people in Wisconsin. It is unlikely the currently approved vaccines will be available to the general public for some time.

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Date Published: 02/02/2021

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