Unity Launches New Value-Based Pharmacy Program

Madison, Wisconsin - Unity Health Insurance, an affiliate of UW Health and a leader in quality customer service and wellness programs, recently launched a new value-based pharmacy program called RX Outcomes.


RX Outcomes provides lower-cost access to medications that improve medical outcomes, saving members money while helping reduce medical costs.


"The New England Healthcare Institute released a report concluding that we are spending $290 billion on medical care which could be avoided with full adherence to medications," said Pat Cory, PharmD, pharmacy program director for Unity Health Insurance. "Since we know the price of a drug can directly impact whether a member will continue to stay on it or not, we created RX Outcomes to make the drugs that provide the most value to the member and employer, more affordable."


With RX Outcomes, members pay a lower co-payment for drugs associated with significant improvements in outcomes in the management of conditions like diabetes, asthma, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.


Terry Bolz, president and CEO of Unity Health Insurance, said, "Helping our members be healthy is one of the most important things we do. That's why we are continuously developing unique programs, like RX Outcomes, that not only improve overall health but also help reduce cost."


More information about RX Outcomes at unityhealth.com


Date Published: 07/05/2012

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