Trained Horse Entertains Patients at Children's Hospital

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Jumping with the Stars

Sunday, April 18


Alliant Energy Center

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Ariat Jumping with the Stars!



MADISON - Most horse tricks involve jumping fences or rounding barrels. But Rhia, a black Morgan mare, takes her talents to an entirely new level. She paints pictures.


Rhia painting a pictureRhia, and her trainer Derrick Dupler from Stevens Point, Wisconsin, visited American Family Children's Hospital recently to show off her equine artistry and entertain the patients.


In addition to painting colorful pictures with a paintbrush held in her mouth, Rhia also demonstrated her soccer skills, played fetch with a ball, and walked a Figure 8 around audience members. She even brought a drink to her trainer from a cooler and remembered to close the lid.


Rhia's visit comes just a day before the start of the Midwest Horse Fair® at the Alliant Energy Center. During this year's fair, there will be a special event, Ariat Jumping with the Stars! benefitting American Family Children's Hospital on Sunday, April 18.


Ariat Jumping with the Stars!: April 18 at 12:30pm


Ariat Jumping with the Stars! features six local celebrities competing in a horse riding competition.

The celebrities have been training with local trainers to learn horsemanship skills like walking, trotting, cantering and jumping. The celebrities are:

  • Casey FitzRandolph
  • John Flint
  • Connie Kellie
  • Leigh Mills
  • Suzy Favor Hamilton
  • Kidd O'Shea

While they've been training for the competition, the celebrities and their trainers have also been raising money for American Family Children's Hospital. The team to raise the most money will earn an additional $5,000 for the Children's Hospital from the Midwest Horse Fair®.


Rhia the horse painting a picture

Derrick Dupler, Rhia's trainer, shows off a picture she completed

Rhia at work on her painting. Derrick, her trainer, showing the finished piece.

Date Published: 04/15/2010

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