Touch-Screen Self Check-In Patient Kiosks Come to West Clinic

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patient check-in kiosk at UW Health West ClinicMadison, Wisconsin - Appointment check-in for patients at UW Health West Clinic on Junction Road is going high-tech… with a soft touch.


Two touch-screen check-in kiosks with credit card swipe readers have been installed in the West Clinic lobby, giving visitors the convenience of today's technology combined with the patient-friendly care that UW Health considers our highest priority.


Nicknamed "CPK-1" and "CPK-2," the kiosks offer a quick and private way to check in for an appointment at one of the 20 participating specialty clinics at West.


"We're excited to bring this technology to our patients," says Connie Kinsella, UW Hospital and Clinics vice president of patient business services. "It's an excellent way to improve our efficiency while still upholding our dedication to the highest customer service."


Patients using the kiosks must confirm their identities with personal information such as:

  • Birth date
  • Phone number
  • Zip code

Specially designed monitors prevent anyone other than the person standing directly in front of the screen to see the information displayed, and credit card payment information is secured through Verisign.


The kiosks are an addition, not a replacement, to the current registration desk. The registration desk will continue to serve all patients, especially those who cannot currently use the kiosks because they: 

  • Are at the clinic for a radiology, cardiology or laboratory appointment 
  • Have Medicare coverage 
  • Wish to pay co-pays/other fees with cash or check 
  • Have changed insurance plans since their last appointment 
  • Have changed names since their last appointment 
  • Are at the clinic for a new worker's compensation-related issue

Patients who are prepared to pay any co-pays or other fees with a MasterCard or Visa and have not changed insurance plans since their last appointment are welcome to use the kiosks. The check-in process is available in both English and Spanish.


"Like all of our patient services, we are already looking at ways to improve and expand the kiosks," Kinsella says. "We look forward to adding enhancements like additional languages, support for clinical questionnaires and additional payment options over the coming months."


The kiosks are locally made, with software designed by Epic Systems in Verona, Wisconsin, and hardware manufactured by D2 Sales LLC out of Mequon, Wisconsin. UW Health is only the third Epic client to install this technology.

Date Published: 10/25/2007

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