January 27, 2016

Tips to stay warm during outdoor winter activities

Believe it or not, we are very lucky to experience winter in Wisconsin; snow and cold temperatures being part of that definition.

I personally like to be able to put away my bike and take out my winter toys as it gives me something different to do for the season. But to be completely honest, I was not a winter fan until I learned how to dress correctly for the weather. I can now be outside for the day, regardless of the temperature. Here are a few tips on how to stay warm.

Don't wear cotton

Avoid wearing cotton fabrics next to your skin. It keeps any wetness created from sweating or the elements touching your skin, thus making you cold very fast. Instead, wear Smartwool or other merino wool socks and polyester long underwear.

Layers, layers, layers

Add an insulating layer on top of your merino wool or polyester. An example would be a down coat. The last layer should be something that can block the wind and or water a little. Snow pants fit into this category.

Cover your head, hands and toes

Put on a warm hat, some mittens and good fitting boots and you are all set.

Check out Google to find fun things to do

Once you have the correct clothing on, you will be surprised how much fun it is to be outside. Tubing, ice skating, skiing, snow shoeing, winter festivals, ice sculptor contests, just to name a few.

Be active together

Find something everyone in your family would like to try, or surprise the family with a new event. Some of our best family outings included the event not going quite as planned. They have become memories that continue to bring hilarity into our house.