The Queen of Green: UW Health Congratulates Bunsen On Sustainability Honor

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Madison, Wisconsin - She's ambitious, energetic and wise beyond her years. And if you get her on the topic of eco-friendly anything, she can talk (enthusiastically) for days.


She's Shannon Bunsen, one of UW Health's most prominent green champions who's blazing trails as the sustainability program coordinator and chair of the Environmental Sustainability Committee.


Bunsen has served as the chair of the committee for the past year, driving the mission of identifying defining, supporting and enhancing sustainable practices at UW Health. In that time, she's made remarkable strides in not only keeping UW Health at the forefront of sustainability, but initiating efforts that have made a true difference in reducing UW Health's ecological "footprint" and making our facilities healthy environments for patients.


Bunsen's work has made such an impact that she will be recognized along with two other " forward thinkers" at the 2015 Badger Bioneers conference on November 10, for her leadership and courage in making our region more sustainable. Bunsen and the other honorees were selected by Sustain Dane - a local non-profit organization committed to creating sustainable solutions for home, school, business, and municipalities - and also mentioned for their impressive work in the November issue of Madison Magazine.


Congratulations, Shannon, for your valuable contributions to UW Health.




Date Published: 11/10/2015

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