Thank You from the Teagan Marti Family

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Overwhelmed by the support from the public for their 12-year-old daughter Teagan's recovery following a tragic accident on an amusement park ride, the Marti family expresses their gratitude.


Dear Friends,


"Thank you" is something we hear and say every day. It's something that we can easily take for granted. But for our family, "thank you" doesn't even begin to express our gratitude for your support through letters, e-mails and gestures during a very difficult time.

There are many unknowns for Teagan. But your outpouring of prayers and thoughts comforts us every minute of the day. Many of the notes start with "You don't know us..." Those words have touched our hearts, knowing that people would take time out of their own lives to comfort us. In fact, we believe that your thoughts and prayers created the miracle of Teagan's survival.

We would like to personally thank each and every one of you. Unfortunately, that's impossible right now. We sincerely don't know how we could get through this without your help and support.

Our family would also like to thank the many American Family Children's Hospital health care professionals who have used their best talents and skills to provide excellent care for Teagan and our family. It's a miracle that the devastating incident happened so near a Level I trauma center, one that we believe is a model for the highest quality care for both children and adults.

When the Marti family says "thank you" for all your support, thoughts and prayers, please know that these are the most powerful words we can use to express our gratitude. They are words that we will never again take for granted.


Alex, Julie, Alexandra, Taylor and Teagan Marti


Date Published: 08/09/2010

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